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How Does It Work?

Our curriculum package provides schools with an affordable and hassle-free way of using VR in the classroom. No scary investments, no staff training and no outdated equipment.

Our curriculum package includes the following:

  • Workshops led by an experienced educator
  • Complete self contained VR kit
  • Access to curriculum resources
  • VR every term with each new topic

Prices start from £399/term

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Curriculum VR Package

  •   Affordable
    Our curriculum package starting at £283/term is a low cost solution for implementing VR into your classroom.
  •   Led by an experienced educator
    Our team of passionate educators can deliver a subject specific workshop to every KS2 class in your school.
  •   Latest technology
    We continuously research into the latest technology and update our kits so that you don’t have to.
  •   Perfect way to launch a new topic
    Incorporate VR into your curriculum with a subject specific workshop every term.

Purchasing a VR Kit

  •   Expensive
    Purchasing a VR kit requires a considerable investment and can cost you up to £10,000.
  •   Staff time and training
    You will need to invest in staff training and this will take time away from your busy day.
  •   Risk of becoming outdated
    Technology is constantly evolving which can result in equipment becoming obselete within a couple of years.
  •   Sat idle and under utilised
    Avoid investing a significant proportion of your school’s budget if you are only going to use it one or two days a week.

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